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Alpha Youth Series

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Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explores the meaning of life and answers some of the most common questions that youth have about the Christian faith. Specifically created for 13-25 year olds, the Alpha Youth Seriesis 13 episodes designed to engage young people in conversations about faith, life and God. I believe that Alpha will impact our student body and our community in a positive way, as well as allow students to develop leadership skills.
All questions and religious viewpoints are welcomed with no expectation for students to agree. There are very few places where students can talk about their religious beliefs in an open and respectful way, and Alpha provides this safe and interactive forum.
I have been through Alpha before, and I can tell you that it positively impacted my life. As a youth minister, I believe that youth are searching for meaning and purpose. During this time in our lives we face a lot of adversity. This video series can help students who are struggling with these hard issues such as bullying, substance abuse and depression.
Alpha will help students to create a sense of community and belonging. We are so excited to see this group really make a positive change in our church community.

Check out below some content to see what Alpha is all about!

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