Dear parishioner,

The stay-at-home order instituted by the province yesterday comes into effect tomorrow. Some of us have been wondering how these latest restrictions will impact on what we do in our place of worship.

The Cardinal has asked “churches, that are able to do so safely, to continue to remain open for private prayer and, where feasible, to offer Holy Communion Services on weekends.

In the light of this, I am happy to inform you that we will continue with what we are doing here in our church until there is some information to the contrary.
This is to say:

  1. Our parish church will be open every week, Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. for Private Prayer
  2. The church will be open Sunday morning for Holy Communion Services.
    (Please see below for times and how to register)PLEASE DON’T FORGET

    – Due to Provincial restrictions, only 10 people are allowed in the building at a time including the priest.
    – Social distancing, masks and sanitizing hands are mandatory inside the Church
    – We are not allowed to gather in groups in the parking lot where we will also be required to practice social distancing and wear our masks.

Please stay safe; stay at home unless you have a pressing need to go outside.  We must do all we can to make this pandemic a thing of the past.

With my every best wish, as always, for God abundant blessings.


Please be advised that some parishioners are receiving requests, purportedly from the pastor or the associate pastor, for iTunes gift cards, either by text or email. 
In addition, there are reports of a variety of COVID-19 scams cropping up, including one where people call or visit homes trying to sell “COVID-19 testing kits.”
We would like to advise all parishioners to exercise caution when checking email messages, taking phone calls or responding to those at the door. Think before you click or open attachments, and always verify suspect messages by phoning the sender on a known phone number (not the phone number in the suspect message).
Thanks for your continued cooperation.

Cardinal’s Letter (20Nov2020)


Dear Parishioners,

We want to thank all the parishioners of Transfiguration of Our Lord for their ongoing support during this period of great uncertainty. It has been wonderful to see so many of you at Mass since we re-opened in June. We are especially grateful to the volunteers who have helped ensure our church is a safe place to gather – they have done incredible work!

As you know, the number of new COVID-19 cases in the Greater Toronto Area have increased significantly in recent days and, at present, Toronto and Peel Regions are in the “Lockdown Stage” as identified by the Province of Ontario. In addition, Premier Ford announced on November 20, special emergency measures that need to be taken in our area.

For this reason, as of Monday, November 23rd, we must restrict attendance inside the church to 10 people, including priests. Sadly, due to these measures, public Masses must be temporarily cancelled. Priests will continue to celebrate private Mass daily for the intentions of parishioners and for those suffering from Covid-19.

Our church will remain open for private prayer, Monday to Saturday 10 am to 1 pm,  and Sunday 8 am to 10.00 am.  Weddings, funerals and baptisms will now be restricted to 10 people, including those who are involved in ministry (priest, cantor, etc.) without mass.

While I recognize it is not a substitute for attending Mass in person, I encourage you to view online/livestream/televised Masses.  You can visit our website All of our masses are livestream. Daily Mass will be taking place at 9.30 am Monday to Saturday and Sunday Mass will take place at 10.30 am Sunday. You can also visit the Archdiocese of Toronto’s website where you can find a listing of parishes that livestream the Mass, including St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica.

The Daily Mass is also televised on Salt+Light TV,  EWTN and VisionTV among other locations.

Also, all non-essential meetings in the parish will move to virtual meetings or they may be postponed. Our staff will also be working remotely in large part wherever possible.  Please call us or leave a message if you need anything. We will call you back as soon as possible.

We recognize these measures are extremely challenging. I am also so incredibly grateful for the efforts of our heroic volunteers who have been faithfully welcoming parishioners and cleaning the church between services, ensuring that we can operate safely and responsibly. Your selflessness and generosity is inspiring!

So many of the faithful rely on the reception of the sacraments and our churches to find solace, peace and support during this period of pandemic. Despite these new restrictions, we will make every effort to continue our outreach to you. We also ask that you find opportunities to assist those who are vulnerable or alone among us.

We will continue to update you, as the situation changes. Please visit our website for any update. We pray that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. May God continue to bless you now and always!

Fr. George Parayil,


Un’informazione di p. George, il pastore

Vogliamo ringraziare tutti i parrocchiani della Trasfigurazione del Nostro Signore per il loro continuo sostegno durante questo periodo di grande incertezza. È stato meraviglioso vedere così tanti di voi alla Messa da quando abbiamo riaperto a giugno. Siamo particolarmente grati ai volontari che hanno contribuito a garantire che la nostra chiesa sia un luogo sicuro in cui riunirsi: hanno svolto un lavoro incredibile!

Come sapete, il numero di nuovi casi di COVID-19 nelle zone di Toronto è aumentato in modo significativo negli ultimi giorni e, al momento, Toronto e la regione di Peel sono in “fase di blocco, cioè, il lockdown” come identificato dalla Provincia dell’Ontario. Inoltre, il 20 novembre il Premier Ford ha annunciato misure speciali di emergenza da adottare nella nostra zona.

Per questo motivo, da lunedì 23 novembre, dobbiamo limitare la presenza all’interno della chiesa a 10 persone, sacerdoti compresi.

Purtroppo, a causa di queste misure, le messe pubbliche devono essere temporaneamente annullate.

I sacerdoti continueranno a celebrare quotidianamente la Messa privata per le intenzioni dei parrocchiani e per coloro che soffrono di Covid-19.

Riconosco che non sostituisce venire alla Messa in persona, nonostante vi incoraggio a partecipare alle messe online / in diretta streaming / televisive.  Potete visitare il nostro sito web Tutte le nostre messe sono trasmesse in live streaming. La messa quotidiana si svolgerà alle 9.30 dal lunedì al sabato e la messa domenicale alle 10.30. Potete anche visitare il sito web dell’arcidiocesi di Toronto, dove troverete un elenco delle parrocchie che trasmettono in streaming la Messa, inclusa la Basilica della Cattedrale di San Michele.

La Messa quotidiana è anche trasmessa in onda sul  Salt+Light TV,  EWTN e VisionTV, tra altre località. Inoltre, tutti gli incontri non essenziali nella parrocchia si sposteranno in riunioni virtuali o potranno essere rinviati. Il nostro staff lavorerà anche da remoto in larga parte dove possibile. Chiamateci o lasciate un messaggio se avete bisogno di qualcosa. Vi risponderemo il prima possibile.

Riconosciamo che queste misure sono estremamente impegnative. Personalmente, sono incredibilmente grato per gli sforzi dei nostri eroici volontari che hanno accolto fedelmente i parrocchiani e pulito la chiesa tra i servizi, assicurandoci che possiamo operare in modo sicuro e responsabile. La vostra generosità e altruismo è fonte di ispirazione!

Tanti fedeli fanno affidamento sulla ricezione dei sacramenti e delle nostre chiese per trovare conforto, pace e sostegno durante questo periodo di pandemia. Nonostante queste nuove restrizioni, faremo ogni sforzo per continuare il nostro contatto con voi. Vi chiediamo inoltre di trovare opportunità per assistere coloro che sono vulnerabili o soli tra noi.

Continueremo a tenervi informati man mano che la situazione cambia. Vi preghiamo di visitare il nostro sito web per qualsiasi aggiornamento.

Preghiamo affinché voi ed i vostri cari rimaniate sani e salvi. Possa Dio continuare a benedirvi ora e sempre!

Fr. George Parayil,